#2 Wardman Annex Hotel-to-Housing Proposal

PowerPoint and Script

Wardman Hotel Affordable Housing Conversion Presentation

(To accompany Wardman Hotel Strategy Group Concept Design)

June 10, 2021

Slide #ScreenSuggested Narration
#1Taft BridgeNorthwest of the Taft Bridge on Connecticut Ave. is…..  
#2Aerial outlined in yellowthe former Wardman Hotel, an ideal property for conversion to an innovative affordable housing community and enriching asset to the neighborhood.      The site is adjacent to the Woodley Park Metrorail Station and served by several bus routes.  and Rock Creek Park is a regional recreational amenity. The low-rise commercial development along Connecticut features a broad array of neighborhood-serving retail, restaurants and shops neighborhood-s   The property is now in bankruptcy and will be auctioned onsite on July 20.  
#3Site plan of existing hotelLocated adjacent to a beautiful center green park and playground that faces Woodley Road to the north the building is surrounded by high-rise residential properties tithe east, west and south.   It is close to the Oyster-Adams Bi-Lingual Elementary school located just to the east and a nearby Montessori school.   
#4Photos of buildingBuilt in the 1970’s, this convention facility replaced an historic hotel. While the current structure appears massive and fails to complement its surroundings, repurposing this building for housing is highly sustainable and efficient by preserving the embodied energy in the structure, cutting time and expense of construction, and making staged occupancy possible so that some of the building could be occupied in record time while other construction is taking place.
#5Site and Massing StrategyThe site has tremendous potential to serve a wide variety of needs for new residents as well as those who live in the surrounding neighborhood.
#6Site AerialThe footprint of the building is quite large and presents possibilities for non-intrusive residential expansion.
#7Massing conceptSo, how might this site best be adapted for affordable housing and services?  First, reuse the existing building frame and slightly extend the exterior skin by 8 ft. 3 inches on each side to create better-sized housing units.  This extension also provides an opportunity to craft a well- scaled and more refined architectural expression – more in keeping with the neighborhood and Washington’s best residential design traditions.    
#8Massing Concept with extensionsSecond, rebalance the building at the same height with two wings above the existing ballrooms to nearly double the capacity without extending at all into the common green space along Woodley or crowding other nearby buildings.  
#9Concept RenderingThird, articulate the façade to echo neighboring building types and increase the overall sustainability of the building with a green roof. (Please note that this rendering does not reflect the ultimate choice of materials in any way but is intended to suggest general architectural character only.)  
#10Green Spaces PrecedentsThere are many precedents to bring the new and existing community residents together around green open spaces.  
#11Potential Lobby Uses PrecedentsAnd the vast lobby and lower levels spaces offer many opportunities for learning, training, small business development, recreation and the arts.
#12Existing Ground Floor Scale ComparisonTo give you a sense of the scale, this plan illustrates how the space might be laid out.  The legend is on the right. Note the classrooms on the bottom left in gray.  The architects are exploring a connection to Oyster School to help relieve overcrowding there, and a member of our group has been in contact with the schoolOther spaces can easily be accommodated within the vast interior of this existing building such as [note to presenter:  Read a selection of spaces from the legend without square footage.]  
#13Interior PlanningUnlike office structures, Hotels are more amenable to conversion into multi-family housing due to their compatible spacing of columns and mechanical shafts.
#14Family Units and Multigenerational LivingAnd one of the incredible assets of the Wardman is the opportunity for multi-generational and family-sized units –the kind most in demand and most scarce in DC.  
#15Existing Plans of Typical Hotel LevelThe existing layout of rooms on a typical floor offers tremendous potential to be re-configured in a variety of ways as the next images illustrate
#16Existing Hotel RoomsIn particular The structural columns and mechanical/ plumbing shafts -shown in grey – are spaced at a cadence very amenable to reconfiguration as residential dwelling units.
#17Example Typical PlanA typical floor plan with the wing extensions might consist of 24 four-bedroom units, 3 three-bedroom units, 9 two-bedroom units and 4 studios, for a total of 52 units/floor.    Or, it could be configured entirely differently, depending on the needs of the residents.
#18Example Unit Plan 3 + 4 BedroomsThese floor plans illustrate the typical layout of two large units – beautiful spaces for families to grow and thrive.    And even the grandparents could have their own space in a studio but still be adjacent to their loved ones.  
#19Example Unit Plan, Studio and 1 + 2 BedroomsThe idea is that people can live in this community through several life stages and build a life and last relationships that help them grow and thrive in our city.  
#20Seize the Day!The Wardman Hotel could produce about 500 units of affordable housing and meet 25% of the mayor’s goal for Ward 3.  We must regard this building as a precious asset, just waiting a new life to meet the goals of a more just and equitable city where all of our residents can live in dignity and gain prosperity.
We believe in the power of shared vision and sustained commitment to create dynamic communities for all people, regardless of income.

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