Historic Preservation

The 2025 DC Historic Preservation Plan sets forth a vision and goals to guide ongoing preservation efforts in the District. The Plan establishes a guide for both HPO programs and community preservation activities.  DC Historic Preservation Plan

Historic districts are subject to certain land use and development requirements. https://planning.dc.gov/node/623272

Ward 3 Historic Districts:

  • Cleveland Park
  • Foxhall Village
  • Washington Cathedral Close
  • Glover-Archbold Park Historic District

Map not available

  • Rock Creek Park Historic District

Ward 3 Heritage Guide The Historic Preservation Office (HPO) has been working with local communities to prepare a series of heritage guides for the District’s eight wards. Each illustrated guide describes the ward’s historical development, shows recognized historic properties, and identifies other sites that may be significant to local culture or valued by neighborhood residents. Potential strategies for increasing appreciation and protection of community heritage are also discussed.

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