Planning Tools do not use?

Ward 3 will experience substantial new development over the next 5-10 years.  NW Opportunity Partners is committed to robust public participation of both current and future residents and businesses in local planning to achieve significant affordable housing and commercial revitalization. 

Documents accessed in the links below lay the foundation for meaningful collaboration and equitable outcomes.

To understand land use changes and their impact on development, it is important to become familiar with the amended Comprehensive Plan (2021), Generalized and Future Land Use maps showing substantial changes in Ward 3, basic zoning, and historic preservation. 

  • Racial and Economic Equity in Washington, DC
  • 2021 Comprehensive Plan on Equity
  • Council Office of Racial Equity (CORE) & Office of Racial Equity (ORE)
  • Grassroots Organizations for Equity
We believe in the power of shared vision and sustained commitment to create dynamic communities for all people, regardless of income.

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